Welcome to Deeper Clarity Counseling!

I am so glad you are considering me to be your therapist. Please look over the other links carefully, as they include important information on cancellation fees, limits of confidentiality, and other important legal, ethical, and practice management issues. Just so you don’t miss it, cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. When you make an appointment, I reserve that time for you. Last minute cancellations or no shows waste that time and do not allow me to offer the spot to someone else. My policy includes a charge of $125 for missed appointments, which will be charged to the credit care I have on file for you. The only exceptions are emergencies and illness, which will be taken into consideration. T

In return, I maintain the highest legal and ethical standards, listen to you deeply and without judgment, and create a safe place to do the work you need to do. I do not “fix” people; I guide them to heal themselves. I believe that we come into this world intrinsically whole and filled with potential. But life happens, and we are wounded in various ways, physically and emotionally. Some negative experiences build character and resilience; other deep wounds damage self esteem, mental health, and the ability to cope with life goals and relationships. The purpose of therapy is to reconnect you with your own insight and strength.

I honor the individuality of every person I work with, and do my best to meet them where they are at any given moment. There is no-one-size-fits-all method of therapy; that’s why it’s so important for a therapist to have a well-stocked “tool box” to meet the individual needs of the Clients in my care. I do.

A strong Client/Therapist relationship is crucial to care. But the ultimate goal is for you not to need me anymore! There will come a time when you know you’re done, at least for now, and therapy will end. The technical term for this is “termination” but I really dislike that word applied to a relationship. I much prefer and use graduation, and that is my goal for you.

I hope you will do me the honor of letting me help you live the best life you can.


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